Diamonds for Industry

The extraordinary physical properties of diamond make it ideal for industrial applications. Lab-grown diamonds are preferred, because they deliver the consistency and quality required by precision applications.

Not every diamond has the clarity, color, shape or size suitable for fine jewelry, but is highly valued for industrial use. Diamond's astonishing thermal conductivity, very high band gap energy and extremely wide optical transparency come from the strong chemical bonds between carbon atoms and make it ideal for many industrial applications.

Eco Grown Diamond produces diamond material with chemical, physical and optical characteristics identical to mined diamond material.

Diamond Characteristic Scio Diamond High-Quality Mined Diamond Difference
Metallic Inclusions none none none
Zoned Fluorescence none none none
Artifacts none none none
Magnetism none none none
Extreme Hardness 90 GPa 90 GPa none
Thermal Conductivity 2 x 103 W/m/K 2 x 103 W/m/K none(1)
Thermal Expansion 0.8 x 10-6 K 0.8 x 10-6 K none
Optical Transparency Deep UV to far IR Deep UV to far IR none(1)
Electrical Resistivity 1016 Ohm-cm 1016 Ohm-cm none(1)
Compressibility 8.3 x 10-13 m2/N 8.3 x 10-13 m2/N none
Bulk Modulus 1.2 x 1012 N/m2 1.2 x 1012 N/m2 none

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