Diamonds for the Future

Diamonds are the future engineering material, as companies find new ways to use their extraordinary properties and as technology leaders like Eco Grown Diamond deliver diamond materials cost effectively.

Companies are discovering new ways to use the unique and remarkable chemical, electrical, thermal and optical properties of diamond material. In the future, new uses for diamond material will emerge and become aligned with the economics of lab-grown diamonds. As this occurs, lab-grown diamonds will be sought after as a premier industrial material.

Eco Grown Diamond is engaged in research and development to improve the science of growing diamonds to help companies in many industries gain value from diamond-based materials.

The increasing availability of lab-grown diamonds means that enterprises will no longer be constrained by concerns about the growing scarcity and rising prices of mined diamonds. They will invest in R&D to develop new uses for lab-grown diamond material.

Where you'll see diamonds tomorrow

  1. Semiconductors
  2. Water treatment and purification
  3. High-voltage power switching
  4. Lasers
  5. Quantum computing and communications
  6. Wear resistant coatings

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